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Web and Cloud Based Development, Cloud Engineering & Architecture

Whether developing, testing, or deploying your apps in the cloud, MCC is prepared to help. We help our clients bring a systematic approach to concerns of commercialization, standardization, and governance of cloud computing applications, by leveraging the methods and tools of engineering in conceiving, developing, operating and maintaining cloud computing systems and solutions. It is about the process of designing the systems necessary to leverage the power and economics of cloud resources to solve business problems and focuses on cloud services, such as "software as a service", "platform as a service", and "infrastructure as a service". It is a multidisciplinary method encompassing contributions from diverse areas such as systems engineering, software engineering, web engineering, performance engineering, information engineering, security engineering, platform engineering, service engineering, risk engineering, and quality engineering.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development is your key to capturing customers or empowering employees, but you'll need a masterful mix of skills to get it right the first time. MCC helps companies with mobile app development for custom needs. Our team will provide the business strategy, and application design, and development services using the latest mobile technologies. We offer end-to-end solutions for iOS, Android and responsive web applications, supported by robust server infrastructures. Build your app for Android, iOS, and the mobile web on services that will reliably scale as your app grows. We develop native, cross-platform, and web mobile apps. No matter what your mobile development needs are, we've got you covered. We believe we have the best team in the game: a group of passionate, particular, and proven individuals. We care about each other, our customers, and doing great work.

Big Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics

In the past several years, Big Data has grown in complexity and value. We see more organizations than ever before adopting a plan to leverage data, in all forms and sizes, for the best possible decision-making. In support of this, we’ll continue to see non-relational or unstructured forms of data, as well as massive data volumes, evolve and mature to operate well inside of Enterprise IT systems. This will enable business users, along with data scientists, to fully realize and unlock the value in big data. Big data has now evolved to become a key basis of competition, underpinning new levels of productivity growth, innovation, and consumer surplus—as long as the right policies and enablers are in place.

  • Data is emerging as the world's newest resource for competitive advantage

  • Decision making is moving from the elite few to the empowered many

  • As the value of data continues to grow, current systems won't keep pace

MCC can help you discover the role of the Data Scientist, and be proactive about privacy, security and governance.

Architecture Design and Evaluation

Effective design is the difference between an average app and an app experience that outperforms all expectations. According to Gartner, enterprise architecture (EA) is a discipline for proactively and holistically leading enterprise responses to disruptive forces by identifying and analyzing the execution of change toward desired business vision and outcomes. EA delivers value by presenting business and IT leaders with signature-ready recommendations for adjusting policies and projects to achieve target business outcomes that capitalize on relevant business disruptions. Since the architecture of a software system constrains the quality attributes, the decisions taken during architectural design have a large impact on the resulting system and MCC provides the critical oversight needed.

API Integration

Application Development Interfaces (API’s) allow content and tools from huge websites, companies and web services like Payment Gateways, Shopping Feeds, Shipping Services, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Ebay to appear on other sites across the web—websites like yours. API’s help to enrich your website with functionality and service that surpasses what you could not provide alone, at least not without a huge investment of time and money. You can turn a simple page into a dynamic organism that includes social sharing, search, map technology and more. Nearly all of the top web properties offer some form of API that you can utilize to make their information and services available through your own platform. With the rise of social media, mobile technology and cloud computing, the complexities of human interaction with applications has become tantamount to how APIs enable apps to communicate. In order to deploy APIs to their full potential and drive further value and innovation for the organization, businesses must have a clear API strategy. A good API makes it easier to develop a program by providing all the building blocks necessary, and MCC helps our clients put them together.

Rapid Prototyping

If it’s true that a picture speaks a thousand words, then a parallel can be drawn within the realm of what user interface prototyping is all about: using visuals to describe design and development specifications that detail how a system should work. In an iterative approach to user interface design, rapid prototyping is the process of quickly mocking up the future state of a system, be it a website or application, and validating it with users, stakeholders, developers and designers. Doing this rapidly and iteratively generates feedback early and often in the process, improving the design and reducing the need for changes throughout the process. Modern Codecraft processes allow for the necessity of adjusting requirements in reaction to knowledge gained as a project progresses, emphasizing a flexible process that can adapt as the project evolves rather than rigorously defining specifications and plans correctly from the start.

User Experience

User experience (UX) refers to a person's total experience using a particular product, system or service. How a person feels when interfacing with a system. The system could be a website, a web application, smart assistant, or desktop software and, in modern contexts, is generally denoted by some form of human- machine interaction. The first requirement for a great user experience is to meet the exact needs for the usage of a product or a service, without fuss or bother. The first requirement for a great user experience is to meet the exact needs for the usage of a product or a service, without fuss or bother. Modern Codecraft has the expertise to lead our customers down this path.

Proof of concept

With a MCC Proof-of-concept, our clients can bridge the gap very effectively between how their software product is envisioned during requirements definition and how it is ultimately delivered. Proof of concept (POC) is documented evidence that a potential product or service can be successful. Developing a proof of concept can help a product owner to identify potential technical and logistical issues that might interfere with success. It also provides the opportunity for an organization to solicit internal feedback about a promising product or service, while reducing unnecessary risk and exposure and providing the opportunity for stakeholders to assess design choices early on in the development cycle.

A proof of concept plan should address how the proposed product or service will support business goals and it should include clearly defined criteria for success, documentation for how the proof of concept will be carried out, an evaluation component and a proposal for how to move forward should the POC prove to be successful. Developing such a plan is an important step in determining how an envisioned product or service will ultimately be delivered to users with the fewest number of flaws, and MCC is here to help!

Business process automation

Technology is the enabler of business process automation (BPA), and it can automate workflows to the point where human intervention is unnecessary. Automation can save time and money, delight customers who no longer have to wait in line for a person to assist them with a transaction, and preclude human error. Business process automation (BPA), is the strategy a business uses to automate processes in order to contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization. But before making the case for business process automation, be sure you know which workflows and tasks are best suited to being automated. Modern Codecraft can provide the strategy to automate processes in order to contain costs, by integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization.

Migration from legacy systems

Legacy systems migration and integration skills can bridge the gap between an organization's past and future. Today’s businesses face a widening divergence between the IT infrastructure demanded by emerging business needs and the infrastructure they’ve built up over generations. The smart enterprise is meeting this challenge head-on, by connecting legacy systems with today’s explosion of endpoints to create a seamless, high-performing organization. Updating applications with current technology means IT must make sure no data is left behind, and MCC can assist with the roadmap toward enterprise system modernization.

Enterprise-level systems

Enterprise applications are the tools you and your team use to accomplish the most challenging tasks and projects within your company. Modern Codecraft assists our clients to achieve a safe, reliable, secure and supported state. Organizations will often have to choose between “enterprise” software and software- as-a-service (SAAS). In the traditional definition, enterprise software is software your organization buys and installs on your organization’s servers. By contrast, SaaS software is software that you “rent” and is hosted “in the cloud” and accessed via the internet. In addition, SaaS offerings tend to be multi- tenant, meaning that multiple organizations are working in the same database. Let MCC help you determine how you address your enterprise system’s needs!

Technology consulting with external vendors

Whether you’re looking to evolve your product portfolio, Vendor IT Risk Management, Software selection or Services providers, MCC can help! We offer application development expertise and broad business insights. Software and Services selection, management and performance measurement are available value-added solutions for Modern Codecraft clients.

Software Maintenance & Support

Successful software development is a life-cycle that doesn't end at delivery. You need to actively monitor, maintain and update your app to maximize its value, and MCC can tailor a support plan to meet your specific needs. User preferences will vary too widely and change too rapidly for any software product to satisfy everyone. Users will expect, however, an assurance that reliability and performance will be monitored and supported. MCC can provide a clear plan of action for a consistent user experience — regardless of the technical challenges behind the scenes.

Industries Served

Agriculture, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, High Technology, Retail, Energy, Finance, Insurance and Utilities

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Mid to Late-Stage and Pre-IPO Start-ups, Mid-market to Fortune 500 customers